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man feeling energized at sunrise from injectable vitamins
Considering Injectable Vitamins? Here's What You Should Know
For some people, ingesting vitamins to boost a healthy body is just an everyday maintenance. But, how do you know you’re absorbing the same amount of...
athlete ready to run after iv therapy hydration
Why Athletes Are More Frequently Choosing IV Therapy
There are multiple reasons why athletes are more frequently choosing IV therapy during training and after competitions, including but certainly not limited to: Maintaining proper hydration...
man feeling productive and energized after nad therapy session
What Can You Expect From Your First NAD Therapy Session?
Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) IV therapy is a trusted and established intervention to help boost energy and treat conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, exhaustion, and even...
man in pajamas hungover needs iv hydration therapy
5 Reasons You Might Need IV Hydration Therapy
There are multiple reasons why you may need IV hydration therapy. While it may seem like a comparatively extreme or invasive means of staying hydrated, IV...
girl jumping outdoors on mountain feeling energetic from myers cocktail
8 Important Health Benefits of the Myers Cocktail
The Myers Cocktail is an intravenous (IV) combination or “cocktail” of vitamins and nutrients developed by Dr. John Myers to mitigate severe symptoms of many medical...
feeling anxiety and depression, treating with nad
Using NAD Patches to Treat Anxiety and Depression
The human body is complex in its biology. It can become increasingly complex when we consider mood disorders or how we experience emotions. Anxiety and depression...
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