Are Vitamin Injections Better Than Pills?

We all know vitamins are there to give us a little boost. That boost may be needed when we’re sick, feeling a little extra tired, trying to lose weight, or even to recover from an intense workout. Vitamins are one of the safest ways to help metabolize fat, accelerate metabolism, increase vitamin levels in a deficiency and/or add overall energy. The easiest way to buy vitamins would be through supplemental pills that you can find at any grocery store or pharmacy. But, did you know that you can also receive vitamin injections?

It sounds scarier, so we’re here to provide a little insight on the differences.

Vitamin Injections vs. Vitamin Pills

Most vitamin supplements must be fully digested before your body starts to see any benefit. Unfortunately, not all of the pill gets absorbed. A solid amount of the pill and its nutrients get lost during the process. This is not the case with vitamin injections. All of the vitamins that are injected get utilized by the body because it accesses the bloodstream directly. For the same amount to happen with vitamin supplement pills, you may have to take more than what is recommended daily to see any kind of changes.

It may seem more practical to go with vitamin pills because compared to injections, they are less expensive. The lower price you’re paying for oral supplements is comparable to the amount of the vitamin you actually get because your body is not absorbing 100% of that pill. Paying more for injections means you’re paying for vitamins in higher quantities and with an immediate result. Also, manufactured vitamin supplements are sometimes made with fillers that have no direct benefit for your body.

Unlike vitamin pill supplements, in order to get an injection, you will need a prescription from a doctor. In particular, if you’re using vitamins to aid in weight loss, specifically used to help metabolize proteins, fats, and carbs, the vitamin pills you find in stores will not have a dosage high enough to help. You may need to take more than the daily recommended dose. For any long-term effects, you’re going to be committed to a long-term routine. Vitamin injections are a great infrequent alternative in addition to one-on-one medical help for progress.

Vitamin B Injections

Let us compare pill supplements to the most common vitamin injection on the market today: vitamin B. Vitamin B injection supplements have grown to be one of the most common injections because of how widespread vitamin B deficiencies are. They have become so commonplace for many reasons that some people opt to get them regularly.

Vitamin deficiencies are not so uncommon. You’ll often hear about Vitamin D or Vitamin B deficiencies in many people. There are a vast majority of reasons someone may be dealing with lower vitamin levels. These could be the result of changes such as weight loss surgery or a diet that doesn’t supply the necessary amount of vitamins a person may need. This is especially the case in diets that are vegan or vegetarian. For instance, vitamin B is found in certain food sources like dairy, eggs, meat and poultry. This puts people who have these restrictive diets at a higher risk for deficiencies in vitamin B. Boosting your vitamin B levels with supplemental foods like fortified grains may not have enough of an effect to bring levels up to normal. This is where vitamin B supplements may be necessary.

In cases like weight loss surgery, the way the body absorbs food has now changed. This makes it difficult for the body to retain the vitamins it may need to work optimally. This is parallel to certain conditions like celiac disease. Conditions like Crohn’s and celiac can interfere with absorbing all nutrients.

In cases like weight loss surgery, the way the body absorbs food has now changed. This makes it difficult for the body to retain the vitamins it may need to work optimally. This is parallel to certain conditions like celiac disease. Conditions like Crohn’s and celiac can interfere with absorbing all nutrients.

What Does Vitamin B Deficiencies Look Like?

It’s important to treat vitamin deficiencies like vitamin B. Without treatment, your health can decline and lead to issues such as permanent nerve, sensory, motor damage and metabolizing of the cells.

Symptoms of vitamin B deficiencies can look like:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Constipation
  • No appetite
  • Loss of cognition

Why choosing vitamin injections is a good choice

Vitamin pill supplements are most commonly used because they are much easier to obtain. You don’t need to see a doctor for their use like injections. The American Academy of Family Physicians says that vitamin pill supplements are not entirely useful when treating deficiencies like vitamin B.

Because the pill doesn’t always get absorbed by the body fully, the supply is not enough to help restore the body to its correct levels. This especially includes multivitamins, which are not a productive supplementary source of vitamin B.

The necessary amount of micrograms that is needed for supplementation is around 1,000. Vitamin B pills normally range around 250.

Vitamin B injections are considered a quick way to get faster results, especially for people who suffer from severe deficiencies. These fast-acting treatments are not just for the severe cases but also for people who deal with a form of deficiency called pernicious anemia. This means the body cannot produce healthy red blood cells without an efficient amount of vitamin B-12. These are conditions that would lead a patient to get vitamin B-12 treatment injections. Injections would be the only way to ensure the full absorption of the body and lead to recovery from the vitamin B-12 deficiency.

Wrapping up: Vitamin Injections vs. Pills

Research has shown that vitamin pills and injections both have different levels of effectiveness. Both are great ways to deliver vitamins to the body, but we could say that vitamin injections for sure edge out oral supplements. This is not just for the regular person looking for a boost, but it is especially for people who suffer from prevalent vitamin deficiency problems.

It’s also to be noted that in most of this research, a huge percentage of people who start with an oral regime do not stick to it long-term. Sometimes these end in not taking the vitamins at all.

Vitamin injections may seem more pricey but are often seen as less expensive than vitamin pills in the long run. Simply because you’re paying more for the vitamins than you actually absorb. Over a longer course of time, you wind up taking in less and paying more. Vitamin injections are less frequent and less time-consuming overall.

With doctors dedicated to your success, one-on-one and customized plans with certified physicians can lead you to a world of opportunity to function in a more optimal state.

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