Remove Toxins

Detoxify is a glutathione IV. Glutathione is the most important antioxidant in the body. It detoxifies the liver and kidneys and slows down the aging process because of its ability to neutralize free radicals.

Potential Benefits

  • Reducing cell damage
  • Improving Insulin Sensitivity
  • Break down free radicals
  • Support immune function
  • Liver support
  • Supports Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails


Electrolytes, Glutathione, Sodium Chloride
Benefits of IV Hydration

Prevent Illness

Boost your immunity to avoid sickness and accelerate wound healing.


Reverse effects of free radicals and improve mental clarity and cognitive function.

Brighten Skin

Boost your immunity to avoid sickness and accelerate wound healing.

Instant Hydration

Rehydrates and detoxify while restoring nutrients and electrolytes.

Boost Energy

Boost energy levels and combat fatigue.

Improve Wellness

Maintain healthy muscle and tissue and absorb the vitamins you need.

What is Glutathione?

Detoxify uses the power of Glutathione to detoxify the cells. Glutathione (GSH), is a molecule found naturally in your body, produced by the liver. It can also be found in meat, fruits, and vegetables. The compound is used in the treatment of several diseases and disorders including neurological conditions. It can also be used as a treatment for hangovers. IV Me Now offers professional mobile hydration glutathione services across South Florida.

Glutathione can be given intravenously to address a range of concerns including:

  • Anemia in patients undergoing hemodialysis
  • Kidney problems after bypass surgery
  • Chemotherapy side effects
Glutathione IV Therapy is amazing for your body.

Our mobile hydration glutathione services can also help you to fight signs of aging and get softer, clearer skin. Glutathione reverses the effects of free radicals and provides a natural, non-surgical form of rejuvenation. By supplementing your body’s supply of glutathione, you can cleanse your vital organs and keep your skin looking youthful. IV therapy has a 100 percent absorption rate, so it is significantly more effective than oral supplements.

It is important to note that the glutathione levels in our bodies decrease as we get older. In addition, certain diseases and medical conditions can reduce the supply. There is a correlation between low levels of glutathione and poor health. That’s one of the reasons why people tend to develop more health problems as they age. Eating or drinking glutathione supplements is not the most effective way to boost your glutathione levels.

Glutathione as a Hangover Cure

With our mobile hydration glutathione services, the infusion bypasses your digestive system and delivers powerful antioxidants directly into your bloodstream where it can work its magic. The increased glutathione goes to your brain, heart, lungs, muscles, and everywhere else in your body so it can detoxify and protect.

Glutathione has emerged as a hangover remedy. When you drink alcohol, it reduces the glutathione levels in the liver and causes oxidative stress. However, when you get an IV infusion, you increase your ability to get rid of toxins. Glutathione also lowers acetaldehyde toxicity which causes some of the worst hangover symptoms. If you had a great night out but you feel terrible in the morning, our licensed nurses can visit you at your South Florida home, office, or hotel and administer treatment. The procedure is safe, quick, and painless. It’s also highly effective so in a very short time, you’ll begin to feel better.

Meanwhile, if you have a chronic or debilitating illness, glutathione IV therapy can also help you. You may need to schedule regular sessions to get the best results. Book your treatment using or online form or contact us to ask questions.
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