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We offer the best wight loss treatments through IV in South Florida, please give us a call today.

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Vitamins are best utilized when they bypass the digestive systems. Barriers ingastrointestinal tract prevent adequate absorption. When you use injectable vitamins you always get the full dose.
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Anti-Nausea Tabs (4 mg)

Eliminate nausea fast
Quickly and safely reduce or eliminate stomach discomfort


Decrease Appetite, Lose Weight
Semaglutide is used to regulate insulin and manage weight and appetite.


Decrease Appetite, Lose Weight
Tirzepatide is used to regular insulin and manage weight and appetite.

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Cheerful young woman posing wearing jeans and smiling to her reflection in mirror after successful weight loss

Amino Acids for Weight Loss

Amino acids are often celebrated as the building blocks of life, playing a crucial role in nearly every biological process within our bodies. These organic…

IV Fluids

Need help? Talk to a specialist about DIY injectable vitamins.

  • Safe & effective
  • Administer in seconds
  • Lasting longterm effects
  • Absorbs more than oral vitamins