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to you anywhere.

Beat dehydration and address your individual wellness needs.

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Recover Quickly

Our experts can recommend the right IV therapy for you.

  • Receive treatment in the comfort of your home
  • Delivered by a certified IV specialist
  • Tested & monitored by a board-certified doctor
Why Choose Us?
We all want to do the right thing for our bodies: it’s not always ‘simple’. IV Me Now makes it easy with expert help and solutions that directly target your wellness concerns.
Schedule your visit online or over the phone.
A certified IV specialist will come to you in 45 mins or less.
Relax and revive while you hydrate anywhere you want.

Give your body the boost it needs with our DIY Injectable Vitamins

  • Safe & Effective
  • Administer in Seconds
  • Lasting Longterm Results
  • Absorbs More Than with Oral Vitamins
Mobile IV Treatments

Reverse the effects of aging with NAD+ patches.

NAD is essential in all living cells assisting many essential functions. As NAD levels decrease with age the metabolism and overall health also decline. Restore energy with NAD+ patches.

  • Rejuvenate cells for more energy
  • Sleep soundly
  • Enhanced cognitive performance
  • Increase overall health
You deserve to reach your wellness goals. Start Now.
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The benefits of IV Therapy are endless.

Prevent Illness

Boost your immunity to avoid sickness and accelerate wound healing.


Reverse effects of free radicals and improve mental clarity and cognitive function.

Brighten Skin

Boost your immunity to avoid sickness and accelerate wound healing.

Instant Hydration

Rehydrates and detoxify while restoring nutrients and electrolytes.

Boost Energy

Boost energy levels and combat fatigue.

Improve Wellness

Maintain healthy muscle and tissue and absorb the vitamins you need.