This is the Future of Managing Your Health

There has always been major buzz surrounding the use of vitamin infusions to boost immunity; however, these treatments are becoming more popular than ever in light of the global pandemic. In addition to boosting your immune system, IV infusions of exosomes or NAD/NAD+ have also been popular in the field of anti-aging medicine. This field focuses not only living forever (more of a long-term, unicorn goal!), but on increasing the amount of healthy years you have on Earth. That is why vitamin injections are the future of managing your health.

If you have ever been interested in how to get really healthy fast by skipping the stomach and putting healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals directly into your system and healing you from the inside out, then you may want to look further into vitamin injections and IV infusion therapies.

What is vitamin infusion therapy?

IV vitamin therapy, or vitamin infusion therapy, has been used as a way to correct chronic diseases quickly. Whenever we ingest anything, our stomachs have to break down the foods in order to extract the proper nutrients and vitamins. A lot of energy and resources are lost during this process.

What vitamin infusion therapy does is skip the stomach and go right into the bloodstream. Most IV vitamin concoctions will include a lot of natural elements like vitamin C, vitamin B5, B6, B12, magnesium, and potassium. Being able to bypass the stomach and inject directly into the body results in not only a way higher concentration of vitamins, but also the ability to cause immediate changes to someone’s lifestyle and well-being.

What is vitamin therapy used for?

>A lot of the times people turn to IV vitamin therapies is because they have tried a lot of things already. They turn to IV therapy because at the point of exhausting their options,  it actually becomes the most reasonable route to make change.

While lifestyles and diets are crucial to making change, IV vitamin therapies can have dramatic positive effects through the application of vitamin C.

So, why is vitamin C on its own so important?

Vitamin C is so amazing because it is the most powerful electron donor in nature. Doctors have described vitamin C as a bank of sorts. If you have more electrons or money going into your bank, you are healthy. On the other hand, if you have more withdrawals, then what happens is that you go into debt or deficiency, and your body will go to different organs and tissues to steal the vitamins and minerals from those tissues to run things.

When people seeking vitamin IV therapies talk about chronic fatigue issues or irritability, what is happening is that they are running out of energy. Vitamin C infusions help to give you energy. Getting these vitamin infusions turn on your immune system and provide an effective boost for fighting chronic infections. There are even cases where doctors are able to save legs and hands from amputation or even turn around more serious medical conditions that were not responding to other IV antibiotics.

By getting all the electrons you need alongside essential minerals in infusions, people have been experiencing amazing turnarounds in their energy and health. Other applications could be for helping with circulatory conditions, especially stroke recovery and other cardiovascular conditions.

Vitamin infusion therapy simply provides treatments and solutions that are just not effective from using an oral therapy route. Once the infusions boost your energy and health, you are able to change your lifestyle. With a change to a healthier lifestyle comes more movement to your body’s systems.

Why does anyone even need vitamin infusions?

You may be concerned that an IV infusion is not a natural way to intake nutrients. However, the alternative is to intake your vitamins orally, which can be less than effective.

The simple answer is that receiving IV therapy infusions is not the ideal way to build up your vitamin levels. The primary way to intake nutrients and vitamins is through your diet and eating the right foods that will sustain you.

For some people, eating will not provide enough vitamins and minerals because of the poor food quality their diet may consist of. This is where the supplementation of vitamins is the most effective.

The problem is that many people will take tablet or powder forms of vitamins to supplement their diets. The people that take vitamins orally have to consume larger dosages for it to remain effective. However, your gut cannot hold onto large amounts of vitamins.

Whenever we inject any vitamins intravenously, it is going straight into your body and circulating around your system before being filtered by your kidney and eventually being urinated out of your body.

Getting a Full-Body Boost with IV Therapy

It is this full-body boost that makes IV infusion therapies so valuable. The boost to your immune system can help in so many ways and target multiple systems and deficiencies. The other major benefit for using IV is that by providing the necessary full-body health boost, it will also improve someone’s overall lifestyle and have them feeling healthier and happier.

The reason that most of us can benefit from vitamin infusions is because most of us are deficient in certain nutrients. Even the most active people who dedicate themselves to eating the right foods and exercising continuously will experience nutrient deficiencies from how much energy they expend daily. There really is a broad range of people who can benefit from IV vitamin infusions.

How is vitamin infusion therapy done?

Vitamin infusion therapy starts by doctors taking some saline, electrolyte solution, or even sometimes sterile water and then they add any combination of vitamins and minerals into the solution. The result is a solution that has properties complementary to your blood’s chemistry.

The solution is put into a little container that is gravity fed and then a small catheter is inserted into the vein. What begins to happen is that the solutions start to infiltrate everywhere that your blood will naturally flow.

It is possible to increase the concentration gradient, which means you can get really high doses of vitamins into your body, which can push them further into organs and tissues and result in a more active and responsive immune system.

Usually the treatments take about two to three hours to do. When people are really sick the initial few treatments will result in them feeling more fatigued or tired because their bodies are actually flushing out all of those toxins. Eventually patients will feel pretty healthy after receiving continuous treatments and often will report feeling a huge boost of controlled energy. They feel stronger and tougher and able to master anything due to the vitamin solution’s positive effects even into your nervous tissue and your brain.

What does this mean for us? 

There are so many benefits to IV therapies. While we focused mainly on vitamin infusions, there are many other types of treatments like exosome therapy or NAD/NAD+ infusions. Each treatment has a different function, however they all work through the method of IV’s which means that you will have better results no matter what type of treatment you are seeking.

A lot of IV therapies work against inflammatory diseases which are linked to more serious conditions like tumors or cancer.

If you are worried about your vitamin intake, or balance of nutrients overall, feel free to talk to your doctor to see if you are a candidate for IV therapy treatments or other forms of vitamin supplementation. There are many different reasons for needing vitamin supplementation, whether you are a high-performing athlete needing to replace vitamins at a rapid rate, a young person interested in preserving their youth, or someone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle through every stage of life.

Feel free to schedule a consultation with a hydration therapy service to learn more about what options may be best for you for vitamin supplementation so that you can begin to live a healthier and happier lifestyle in every stage of life.