Who will administer the IV?

Our well-trained and licensed Registered Nurses and IV Specialists will provide your IV therapy and our medical director remains on call.

How long does an IV Hydration session last?

A typical hydration session can last about 25-45 minutes, depending on what you choose. (NAD+ IV infusion time varies and the average infusion time can be anywhere between 1 to 4 hours depending on the client’s tolerability and dosage.)

What are the benefits of IV Therapy?

Benefits vary according to which IV therapy you choose. No matter which IV, the IV fluid is 100% effectively absorbed directly into the blood stream, vs only 20%-30% if taken orally.

Do I have to sign a consent form?

Our Registered Nurses will have a digital consent form for each person receiving an IV to sign.

Do you accept insurance for IVs?

We currently do not accept insurance but can give you information if you wish to try and submit a claim.

Who can get an IV Treatment?

Almost anyone, over the age of 18. IV treatment is to help anyone suffering from effects of dehydration, such as hangover, cold or flu, jet lag, ect.

Does IV Therapy have any side effects?

There are no serious side effects of hydration treatments. However, some clients experience bruising, redness or tenderness around the injection site.