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MIC B12 Injection Bottle


30ml vial

Energy and weight loss Many people suffer from B-12 deficiency. Injectable vitamins provide a direct boost and the effects are felt quickly.

Potential Benefits
  • Release Fatty Deposits
  • Reduce Cholesterol
  • Boost Energy
  • Lower Histamines
  • Relieve Allergies
  • Get Rid of Toxins
  • Elevate Mood
  • Stimulate Metabolism
Learn how to administer safely in seconds.
Intramuscular Injections
Subcutaneous Injections
Healthy Man
How MIC B12 works.

Many people suffer from B-12 deficiency. This is not surprising since this vitamin is very difficult to absorb when taken by mouth. Pills are therefore not the optimum method of boosting B12 levels. However, injectable vitamins provide a direct boost and the effects are felt quickly. significantly increased through injection. Our product contains:

  • Methionine – An essential amino acid that assists in the breakdown of fats, reduces cholesterol, and increases energy levels. It also helps to relieve allergic reactions by lowering histamine release.
  • Inositol – A B vitamin, helps break down fats, lowers cholesterol, and helps control mood and appetite.
  • Choline – A nutrient, helps the liver process fats and excrete toxins.
  • B12 – An important vitamin that boosts energy and metabolism, assists in the burning of fat, and helps regulate appetite, sleep, and mood.

Get an extra boost, with these recommended vitamins.

  • Safe & effective
  • Administer in seconds
  • Lasting longterm effects
  • Absorbs more than with oral vitamins