I’m a Runner. Can Hydration Therapy Help Me to Improve My Performance?

Hydration therapy is crucial for athletes. When you have enough fluids in your body, you’ll perform better. Your muscles will work more efficiently, and you can stave off headaches, fatigue, and muscle cramps.

There is no doubt that you have seen traditional water stations that accompany endurance races. However, you may not have realized that some events also have IV therapy stations set up. This is not surprising since hydration therapy provides several benefits. For example, it allows for fluids and electrolytes to be delivered directly into the bloodstream. When you consider that you can only drink so much before you begin to feel unwell, you’ll see how beneficial this type of treatment is.

Why Hydration Therapy is So Important

Running long distances causes changes in the body. Blood gets redirected from the digestive system to the muscles, while water and electrolytes excrete through sweat. When you push your muscles to their limits, you cause slight damage to the tissues and cells. With prolonged activity, the body will release the stress hormone cortisol, which can affect the immune system. Normal kidney function can also be reduced because of the lack of fluids and the limited blood flow to your organs. Also, you’ll feel inflammation and soreness as your muscle tissues begin to heal.

You must hydrate before, during, and after your event. This helps to limit the issues we discussed above. However, if you drink too much, you run the risk of throwing up because the digestive system loses the ability to process food and liquids properly. So how do you get the hydration and nutrients you need? IV therapy is faster and more effective than drinking water. It provides fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients without requiring your kidneys or digestive system to work harder.

Of course, you don’t only focus on the big event. You spend a good deal of time training. Hydration therapy can also be used during your preparations to ensure you don’t suffer the effects of dehydration while you’re going through your paces. Many athletes find that hydration therapy helps them to perform better for longer periods.

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If you’re a runner or any other type of athlete, you can likely benefit from IV therapy. The sterile saline solution can be customized according to your needs to ensure you get exactly what you need. Call us to book an appointment or ask questions about our mobile service.

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